Appoline is an arrogant French poodle that Bridgit Mendler voiced on Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.


Sam, Papi's owner, finds out that his family is struggling to pay the mortgage on their house and the bank plans to take their home and sell it. Chloe, a chihuahua, and the rest of the dogs decide to compete in a dog show in order to win a large cash prize. Delgado, an old friend, also comes to the home and tells Chloe that he needs her help with a secret mission. The mission really is Delgado trying to tell his two sons the truth about why he left them as puppies, but he can't bring himself to do it. Later on, though Papi had initially won the dog show, because of the lack of breed papers, he is disqualified. The dogs lose to an arrogant French poodle named Appoline (Bridgit Mendler). After hearing that Delgado has sons in Los Angeles, the puppies set off to find them. In trying to help, the puppies get caught up in a bank robbery.