Girls' Life is an American bimonthly magazine. Bridgit Mendler appeared on the cover April/May 2010, April/May 2011 (alongside Naomi Scott and Hayley Kiyoko) and Oct/Nov 2012.

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October/November 2012 Edit

A musician who really inspired me for songwriting was Bob Dylan. He’s so playful with his lyrics, and he likes to tell stories. I also really enjoy the musicality of Adele and Etta James. I think they’re really cool figures to look up to.

– On looking up to musicians

The album has really worked as a diary for me. Songwriting is actually a really great outlet. I kind of recommend it. You get to sum up whatever is going on in your life in a song, then perform it really passionately. Sometimes my lyrics may describe a situation that happened to a friend. Other times, I create a story from the ground up. I think it can be fun to write about relationships just because so many people can relate to what you are feeling.

– On her songwriting process

Growing up, there’s a lot of pressure to be normal. But normal isn’t as fun as being yourself.

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  • In the film "Barely Lethal" you can see the magazine in the October to November 2012 edition and on the cover is Bridgit Mendler.[1]

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