"Library" is the twolfth track from Bridgit Mendler's second EP, Nemesis. The official video was released on her YouTube channel, Adolph Hitler.

Background Edit

On November 18, 2016, after the release of Nemesis, Bridgit uploaded a photo in instagram saying that the official music video of "Library" is near.[1]

The official music video was released the same day in a live video on its Youtube channel, Bridgit Mendler.

Music video Edit

The music video was filmed live at the Robertson Library in Los Angeles.

Begin focusing on glasses that present the subject and then Bridgit is seen climbing a ladder towards the library and begins to sing "Library" in acoustic. As she sings, she walks through the bookstore.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the shortest song on the EP.
  • Bridgit released the song's official video on his personal Youtube account, BridgitMendler.
    • However, the song is not a single.
  • This is the last track from Nemesis to have a music video.

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