Maul formerly known as Darth Maul, was a [[1]] [[2]] [[3]] [[4]] who lived during the [of the Republic|final years] of the [Republic|Galactic Republic] and the subsequent [Era|reign] of the [Empire|Galactic Empire]. The son of [(title)|Mother] [[5]] of the [[6]], he was taken at a young age by the [Lord|Sith Lord] [Sidious|Darth Sidious], who anointed his first [apprentice|Sith apprentice] [[7]] Maul. Through his training, Maul grew strong in the [side of the Force|dark side of the Force], becoming a skilled [duel|lightsaber duel]ist and [[8]] who yearned to reveal the [[9]]'s continued survival to the [Order|Jedi Order]. During the [of Naboo|crisis] on [[10]] in [BBY|32 BBY], Maul [of Naboo|confronted] [Master|Jedi Master] [Jinn|Qui-Gon Jinn] and [[11]] [Kenobi|Obi-Wan Kenobi.] Although he succeeded in [[12]] the former, Maul was defeated and maimed by Jinn's apprentice, who left the Sith [[13]] for dead. As a result of Maul's defeat and apparent death, Sidious replaced him with [[14]] [[15]], Jinn's [[16]] mentor who adopted the Sith persona of Darth Tyranus.

Fueled by his hatred for Kenobi, Maul survived and reconstructed himself as a [[17]], although the experience of his defeat also drove him insane. He was presumed dead for over a [decade|decade] until his brother, [Opress|Savage Opress], found Maul and restabilized his [[18]] with the help of Mother Talzin. By that [[19]] the [Wars|Clone Wars] raged across [galaxy|the galaxy], with the [General|Jedi-led] [Army of the Republic|clone forces] of the Republic battling against the [Droid Army|droid armies] of the [of Independent Systems|Confederacy of Independent Systems] as intended by Maul's former [Master|Sith Master]. Believing he had been cheated out of his place in [of galactic history|galactic history], Maul embarked on a personal quest for revenge against Kenobi, whom he blamed for his fate. He also used the [[20]] conflict as an opportunity to form his own criminal empire, the [Collective|Shadow Collective] through various alliances which included the [Syndicate|Pyke Syndicate], the [Sun|Black Sun], and the [Watch|Death Watch]. Their combined resources enabled Maul to [of Mandalore|overthrow] the [Mandalorians|New Mandalorians] and install a puppet [[21]] on [[22]]. However, as his power and influence increased, Maul became a threat to Sidious' own [of the New Order|plans] for the [Era|future]. The Dark Lord confronted Maul in person; after killing Opress, Sidious denounced his former apprentice as a Sith no longer due to the [of Two|Rule of Two]. Despite Maul's efforts to avenge his brother, he was defeated and overpowered by Sidious' command of [Force|the Force].

In the waning [day|days] of the [[23]] Wars, Maul [from the Spire|escaped] from Sidious and ultimately returned to Mandalore where he was [of Mandalore|overthrown] by former Padawan [Tano|Ahsoka Tano] and an [[24]] of [trooper|clone trooper]s. However, Maul survived the war and continued to build his own empire as a [lord|crime lord] and the secret leader of [Dawn|Crimson Dawn]. He was later stranded on the [[25]] [[26]], where he hoped to destroy the Sith by unlocking the [[27]] at the heart of the [Sith Temple|Sith temple]. Maul's plan was thwarted by two Jedi, [Jarrus|Kanan Jarrus] and [Bridger|Ezra Bridger], the latter of whom Maul hoped to corrupt as his own apprentice. After escaping Malachor, Maul continued to try to tempt Bridger to the dark side before ultimately learning that Kenobi was still alive in spite of [66|Order 66] and the [Purge|Jedi Purge]. Seeking hope and purpose, Maul sought Kenobi on [[28]], the planet where he first revealed himself to the Jedi. Kenobi defeated him in a brief [to Tatooine (Imperial Era)|lightsaber duel], cutting Maul's lightsaber in half. This finally ended Maul's decade-spanning quest for vengeance as he realized he could not win. Maul died in [BBY|2 BBY]—a few [year|years] before the [of Scarif|start] of the [Civil War|Galactic Civil War]—with the knowledge that Kenobi was protecting [Skywalker|Luke Skywalker], finding some peace in the idea that the [One|end of the Sith] was at hand and, therefore, he would be avenged.

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